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Lay Servant Ministry Courses

Leading - Caring - Communicating

What are Lay Servant Ministry Courses?

Lay Servant Ministry courses are one of the most significant leadership development programs within the United Methodist Church. Through this equipping system, lay servants have the opportunity to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. They are then sent out into their communities, empowered to go and make other disciples.
Lay Servant Ministries is a significant component of our discipleship system. Discipleship is all about relationships. It's essential that we see all people as we seek to make disciples for the transformation of the world. Through authentic experiences of God’s grace, new disciples are created and sent out to share Christ’s love.
So who are Christ's disciples? These faithful men and women extend hospitality to those not yet in the body. They provide people an opportunity to commit their lives to God through baptism by water and the Spirit and profession of faith. Disciples nurture people in Christian living to help them find a true sense of purpose in life and what it means to live out their belief. Christian disciples also put their faith into action by helping to transform the surrounding community. This is often done through engagement in mission and ministry as they offer hospitality in the name of Jesus Christ. The courses offered through the Lay Servant ministries program are about equipping and empowering people as disciples and leaders. It is an excellent way to build up any congregation.

Who can enroll and where can I take a Lay Servant Ministry Course?

Everyone is welcome to enroll in courses through the Lay Servant Ministries program.  To become a certified Lay Servant in the church, it is required that you complete the Basic Lay Servant course offered several times a year throughout the state.  However, if you have yet to complete the basic course, you are still welcome to enroll in one of the advanced courses.  They are still useful for learning and provide valuable lessons you can take back to your church and community.

Basic and advanced courses are available several times a year at various locations throughout the state.  Some advanced courses are also available online for your convenience.  Click on the button to the left to find out more information about this program.