Events and Newsletters for the Viroqua and Westby United Methodist Churches

Events Calendar

Everyone is welcome to participate in our wide variety of events.  We encourage you to scroll through our calendar and find an event that you may be interested in. 

If you would like to search our calendar by events held at a particular church, simply click the drop down/arrow to the right of the "Agenda" tab on the calendar and de-select all of the churches except the one that you are interested in.  The calendar will then display events held at that particular church only.

Each event is color coded to reflect which church is hosting the event.

♦ Viroqua UMC is red.
♦ Westby UMC is blue.
♦ Joint events for both churches are purple.

Newsletters - Keeping You Informed

Our churches each produce a monthly newsletter, which is published at the beginning of the month. Here are the links to the newsletters.

Viroqua UMC's newsletter is "The Cross and the Flame":

Westby UMC's newsletter is "Westby Witness":