Ever wonder how to build and grow in a relationship with God? Getting started and maintaining the commitment can be quite a challenge. School, jobs and countless obligations get in the way of finding time for God, but your heart still longs for time spent getting to know Him and connecting with others.

Faith can be a lifelong adventure of asking questions and seeking answers as you develop your own personal relationship with God.  We have classes, discussion groups and experiences for people of all ages.  If you wish to understand what's in the Bible, or if you wish to develop your own life of ministry, we can help you with resources right here in our churches and from our larger United Methodist connection.

Adult Growth Opportunities

At the Viroqua and Westby United Methodist Churches, we don't "do life" alone.

Instead, we have groups where you can plug in and make the journey with others, no matter where you might be in that journey.

We believe that God wants each of us to have a personal and evolving relationship with Him. This relationship starts when we decide to follow Christ and continues our entire lives. A person needs to be strengthened in his or her walk with God in order to stand up to the pressures of the world. This is where these groups come in. Our groups help people grow in their relationship with Jesus, grow closer together as brothers and sisters in Christ and support one another during difficult times in life.  Click here to find the group that is right for you.

Youth Growth Opportunities

We want our youth to have a strong foundation for their life and we believe it is only through Christ that they can get it.  Therefore, the Viroqua and Westby United Methodist Churches offer several opportunities for area youth. The churches are committed to providing all of our youth learning opportunities in which to grow as Christians in a fun, safe and spirited environment.  Click here to find out more about opportunities for your youth to learn and grow. 

Reminders for Spiritual Growth

Sometimes on our spiritual journey we need some reminders along the way. Reminders about praying, and thinking about what Jesus wants us to do.

Our "Reminders for the Spiritual Journey" section offers prayer seeds for Bible verses and articles to help us contemplate what would Jesus do.

Spiritual Resources

Sometimes on our spiritual journey, additional resources are helpful. An online Bible can offer different translations which may help in understanding a specific verse in the Bible, or a link to an online Christian radio station may provide inspiration during the day. We hope that this list of additional spiritual resources will help you on your daily journey with Jesus. Click here to access the list.